Project Size: 115,000 sq ft Warehouse, 900 sq ft Shipping & Receiving Office
Architect: Ghafari Associates
Completed: December 2022

A new state-of-the-art facility supports Seneca Foods’ growing food industry operation in Hart, Michigan. The specialized pre-engineered metal warehouse erected adjacent to the company’s existing plant stores finished goods and packaging inventory. The building features:

  • Two specially engineered connection points to the existing facility.
  • Wide bay truss purlins to increase structural spans and reduce columns which improves warehouse flow and maximizes space.
  • An automated racking system to improve operational efficiency.
  • Thermo-lift insulation to increase energy efficiency.
  • An early suppression fast response sprinkler system to eliminate the need for in-rack sprinklers, providing greater flexibility.
  • Seneca Foods chose a pre-engineered metal building to allow construction to be completed in just 8 months despite job site challenges. The new building footprint is immediately adjacent to Seneca Foods’ existing facilities which were operational for three daily shifts throughout construction. Employee parking and foot traffic had to be temporarily re-directed and tunnels inside the expansion area were designed to accommodate structural loads while minimizing disruptions to plant operations. A storm water drainage system was maintained throughout the project to manage weather impacts. Veneklasen’s standard pre-planning methods and weekly client communication briefs facilitated prompt and creative remedies to these challenges.

    About Seneca Foods

    Seneca Foods is the leading provider of packaged fruits and vegetables in North America, with distribution to more than 90 countries. Their facilities located across the US process fruits and vegetables sourced from 2,000+ American farms. Seneca products are sold under the Libby’s®, Aunt Nellie’s®, READ®, and Seneca labels, and vegetable products under the Green Giant label, a subsidiary of General Mills, Inc.

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