Over the past year, lumber prices have tripled due to pandemic-related impacts. The uptick in the housing and DIY markets caused demand to increase while supply dwindled due to labor shortages at mills. Prices rose steadily beginning in May 2020 to a peak of $1,607.50 per thousand board feet in May 2021.

WZZM reporters contacted AJV to get our take on the situation

For active projects, AJV President Chris Veneklasen advises that you talk with suppliers about alternative finishes that may be easier on your budget. For planned future projects, he says don't worry too much.  Prices will inevitably drop to pre-pandemic levels as the demand and supply situation normalizes. 

As pandemic worries lessen, lumber prices will continue to drop

STORY UPDATE:  By mid-June, prices have dropped more than 12% from historic highs, signaling that a return to a more normal market is indeed on the horizon.  

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