Ayers Basement Systems office renovation training room Ayers Basement Systems, a leader in basement waterproofing and residential structural repair, has more than doubled in size over the last 10 years, outgrowing their existing office space. As the number of employees increased, some were forced to work remotely whether they wanted to or not because there was no available desk space. Ayers’ growth was beginning to be hampered as they were unable to hire more office staff to handle the increase in business. A solution was needed.

After purchasing a building and property in Lansing, Michigan, Ayers brought in Veneklasen Construction to renovate the existing structure into a brand new, 12,000+ square foot headquarters that now houses their office staff, and eventually materials and supplies as well.

“We have found that collaborating with Veneklasen frees us to focus on what we do best; training and equipping our employees so they can provide high quality service to homeowners and communities across our service area,” says Ed Krieger, CEO of Ayers. “We want to exceed our customer’s expectations and create a new standard of service.”

In pursuit of that goal, Ayers’ collaboration with Veneklasen saves them time and money and provides a great, consistent client experience by using Veneklasen's proven VENEBUILT method. VENEBUILT allows all stakeholders in a project to be involved early and ensures everyone's goals are aligned. Chris Veneklasen, CEO of Veneklasen Construction, praised Ayers’ exceptional trustworthiness and profound positive impact on individuals throughout Michigan and Northern Indiana.

Veneklasen relates, “Collaborating with Ayers on the renovation of their headquarters has been a rewarding experience for us. They exemplify the remarkable achievements that can be attained when individuals and businesses unite in their pursuit of mutual benefit and the welfare of the community. We hope to continue to support their growth long into the future.”

Veneklasen has also worked with Ayers on renovating a property in the city of Kentwood, which houses several of their affiliated companies such as Ayers Commercial Group, East End Plumbing, Grand Bay Electric, and Hello Garage of Grand Rapids.

Ayers Basement Systems and Veneklasen Construction are setting a new standard for collaboration between businesses. The two companies have worked together on several projects, and each time they have exceeded expectations. The new Ayers headquarters is a prime example of the success of this model of cooperation. Ayers is excited to move into their new home and looks forward to continuing to work with Veneklasen on future projects.

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